Starting Your Seeds

STARTING YOUR SEEDS: Seeds love humidity.  If seeds were people, they’d be Floridians…or they’d say things like “Kuala Lumpur is nice this time of year.”  You’d never catch seeds vacationing in Nevada or New Mexico – it’s simply too durn dry for them.  If you happen to live in Kuala Lumpur then you probably don’t […]

Soilless Growing Mediums for Plants | growing medium

Because hydroponic systems (ideally) give you a great amount of control over the environment in which your plants (should) thrive, the yield is should be greater than if you were attempting to grow in natural soil, with natural light, and natural water…well…actually, you really do need natural water.  I don’t advise mixing your own chemicals […]

High Intensity Discharge lamps (HID) | HID Lighting

High Intensity Discharge lamps are typical in a grow room setting.  These light bulbs can be either high-pressure sodium or metal halide.  The light emitted from a high-pressure sodium lamp is yellow and bright to mimic the fall tint of the mid-day sun.  The high-pressure sodium lamps are used during the flowering stage of the […]

How Plants Grow | photosynthesis

The underside of plants have little, tiny openings called stomata that take in CO2, (what humans, cows, and kangaroos exhale).  The CO2, sunlight and water are used by the plant to create a process called photosynthesis.  Plants use photosynthesis to create their food, (carbohydrates), from CO2, sunlight, and water.  Water is taken up by the […]

Why Grow Hydroponically? | hydroponics

Why should you grow your plants with hydroponics?  Well, the simple answer is: You can grow almost anywhere. Why you want to grow is your own business.  I grow a lot of my own produce with hydroponic systems; I can control what I put into my plants and know what I’m getting at harvest.  It’s […]